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Phase 2 / Complete

Phase 2 is complete. It's time to see your application in action. Since Phase 1, we haven't changed any of the user interface files, yet you will see changes from all of the attributes. Be sure to go into edit mode to see validators in action. (This demo does not include the login specific changes made for an earlier demo.)

As you explore, look for these changes:

  • Go to the Employees records. Immediately you will see filters along the top, and they differ based on the DataTypeAttributes.
  • Click Edit on an Employee record. Once again, the user interface has changed to reflect the DataTypeAttributes. The ValidationAttributes are also active. Clear the Last name textbox and tab off to see the RequiredAttribute in action.

    We'll soon learn about "Field Templates" which give the user interface for each DataTypeAttribute.

  • Visit the Products records. Notice there are different columns, such as our calculated columns, ValueOfStock and ValueOfAvailableUnits. Some columns have been hidden. Others are in a different order. All of this comes from the ScaffoldColumnAttribute.
  • Click Edit on a Product record. Notice the Discontinued checkbox is disabled until you clear the Quantity Per Unit field. This behavior comes from a DependencyAttribute.

Keep in mind that we have not actually edited the application. All of these changes are a result of BLD using your business logic to configure the user interface.

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In Phase 3, we get started with the user interface.

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