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Phase 5 / Completed

Phase 5 is complete. Its time to see your application in action. We've modified the BLD Database Explorer from Phase 4 using various techniques, described here.

  • The Validation User Interface has dramatically changed, providing a PopupErrorFormatter, style sheet changes on the data entry controls, and the NoErrorFormatter when you fix an error.
  • Readonly numeric fields will be right aligned. Currencies will have the currency symbol. All will show the thousands separator.
  • The Product Detail page applies the Hint behavior to several controls.
  • The Product Detail page applies a Field Template Property to the Supplier field to have it show the company name.
  • The Product Detail page applies a Field Template to reduce the size of the Category picture.

All of the edits are found in only two files. The Master Page, ~/BLD Templates/Content/PageTemplates_Phase5.master, has page level formatting from Template Properties and Behaviors in its BLDCustomizer control and validation formatting in the PageManager control.

The Product Details page, ~/BLD Templates/CustomPages_Phase5/Details.aspx, uses Field Template Properties and Behaviors on several BLDDataField controls. To show custom content in the Supplier DataField's Hint, it adds the ResolveDataField event handler to the BLDPageManager control.

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In Phase 6, we will add widgets like filters, sorting, and buttons around and inside the DataBound control.

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