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Phase 6 / Overview: Adding Widgets

So far, we've focused on data oriented controls. There are numerous other controls needed in a data oriented user interface, such as filters, buttons, and sorting. Phase 6 discusses them.

Presentation of widgets
Tours for Phase 6
  1. Changing inline buttons - The BLDDataButtons control displays the various command buttons such as List, New, and Save.
  2. Sortable column titles - The BLDColumnTitle control displays a label for a column, and provides toggles sorting.
  3. Calculated column totals - The BLDColumnTotalLabel control is used in the footer of lists to show a column total or just a label (when totals are not appropriate).
  4. The BLDWidgetsView control - The BLDWidgetsView control has Widget objects to establish paging, sorting, filters, and command buttons.
  5. Using the ChangeMonitor with buttons - The ChangeMonitor detects edits and changes the behaviors of buttons, such as enabling them or prompting to save.
  6. Play with the BLD Database Explorer Application - Run the application to see these features in action.