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Phase 6 / Completed

Phase 6 is complete. Its time to see your application in action. We've modified the BLD Database Explorer from Phase 5 using various techniques, described here.

Because we've been using Page Templates, we've been seeing filter and Widget user interfaces all along. Our modifications have been to tweak the filtering user interface.

  • The Order list offers a Select button on each item that pops up a list of Order Detail records (the products purchased). This interface now has three Databound controls and associated EntityDAODataSource controls, where the selected order is used to create a filter that selects the appropriate Order Details. The code is in the [web app]\BLD Templates\CustomPages_Phase6\Orders\List.aspx file.
  • The filter buttons include "Advanced" which opens an Ajax Control Toolkit ModalPopupExtender with a BLDPatternForFilterFields control that shows all filters provided by the business logic through Automatic Scaffolding. This button's code is included with BLD, in the [web app]\BLD Templates\FilterPatternTemplates\Ajax Control Toolkit\Advanced Search.ascx User Control.
  • Most buttons are using images.
  • The BLDPatternForFilterFields control in the List.aspx Page Template has been formatted by using Named Styles and HTML around it to form an outer container that fits the width of the page, while leaving the Filters Rows Format.ascx Pattern Template file unchanged.

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In Phase 7, we will use other classes with DataAnnotations to build a user interface.

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